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A New Experience For You?

Experiencing a service at Celebrate! Family Church may be different from what you are used to. It might be helpful if we explained a little of what happens here. First, we’re not a very religious group. If you are used to a lot of pomp and ceremony, we don’t have much. Our worship is not based on performance but participation. We like to get everybody involved to the level they feel comfortable.

Secondly we’re excited about God, Jesus and the Bible. We express that excitement much the same way people do when they are excited about anything. We clap our hands, sing enthusiastically, shout and even occasionally jump up and down. It’s kind of like visiting a sports game with a big fan of the winning team. When their team scores, pandemonium breaks loose. If you are not a big fan it can seem like people are getting too excited over just a game. Well, we’re big God fans here and when you first visit we can seem a little excited, too.

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God's Presence

Thirdly we seriously believe that God’s presence can visit us during our service. That makes worship very personal. People will look like they’re really feeling something and they are. Sometimes they will lift their faces or hands up to the Lord in adoration. Often many people will begin singing spontaneous songs to the Lord in English or another language that God gives them. Each will sing their own song but it will all blend together into a beautiful harmony. Occasionally a person will sense a special encouragement from the Lord that they feel to share with the whole church. They will speak it out loud at an appropriate moment. It’s great to see so many people involved. All this can seem confusing at first but often things we aren’t familiar with can seem confusing. After you visit two or three times the order of it all will be apparent to you.


Lastly we’re a Bible-centered church. All of these various forms of worship we’ve described are in the Bible. If you’re interested in checking out for yourself what the Bible says about worship, here are some good scriptures to start with: I Timothy 2:8; Psalm 47:1; 150:4; I Corinthians 14.

If what you see and hear in our service is a new experience for you, we hope you will not feel awkward. We want to help you understand this unfamiliar experience and we also want you to know that we have a place for you… just as you are.

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